Application of Landscape Machinery in Landscape Greening Maintenance

Application of Landscape Machinery in Landscape Greening Maintenance

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From manual labor to mechanized work is a technological innovation and a revolution in thought. In terms of liberating productive forces and improving work efficiency, large-scale mechanized use is urgently needed; from the perspective of national conditions, sufficient human resources and surplus labor force limit the improvement of mechanization. However, from the perspective of the development of social market economy, high-tech high-quality products and modern equipment will gradually replace manual labor. The application of garden machinery in garden production will also go through this process and become more widely used.

Landscaping conservation is a systematic project that requires a series of tasks in the process of plant growth, such as pruning, weeding, loosening, fertilization, watering, and pest control. Although manual labor can complete all projects, the market economy is about cost and competition, and high-suburb low consumption becomes a hot spot. Mechanized use can achieve this goal and meet demand.

First, the application status of garden machinery

The variety is single. In urban greening, the use of garden machinery is limited to hedge trimmers, lawn trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, water pumps, fight drugs (vehicles), etc., while punching machines, lawn dredges, micro tillage machines, digging Machines such as pit machines, transplanters, and root cutting machines are rare. In fact, there are many types of garden machinery at home and abroad, and the production volume is quite large. Among the domestic producers are Yangzhou Weibang Garden Machinery Factory and Huai'an Zhonglv Garden Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., while foreign countries are concentrated in the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and other countries. Sales agents are too numerous to enumerate.

The penetration rate is low. At present, there are many places where garden machinery is used in garden maintenance in China, and the amount of use can be small, and the penetration rate is too low. Machinery can only be used as an auxiliary equipment under special circumstances. The main work is done by manual labor, and its effect and efficiency are affected to some extent.

The utilization efficiency is low. Although some garden machinery has been put into use, the use situation is not optimistic. It is not limited by the operator. It is not used properly or damaged the machinery. The mechanical use efficiency is too low, a large amount of resources are consumed, and maintenance costs are not improved. Reducing staff and increasing efficiency, but wasting resources, increasing management costs, and gaining more than gains, seriously hindered the investment of some enterprises in the use of garden machinery.

Poor maintenance. Machinery always fails, and failure to get timely repairs, maintenance technology is not closed, will affect the normal use of machinery. Machinery can't be repaired in time, and it can't be easily updated. In turn, it has to be done manually, which affects the progress of the work. At the same time, the daily maintenance of various machines is also a difficult problem. Because the maintenance is not understood, the mechanical service life is shortened, the efficiency is reduced, and the faults frequently occur. In this regard, it is necessary to have a clear technical requirements and operational procedures for the garden machinery industry to guide professionals to carry out their work. At the same time, the large-scale use of garden machinery will also bring environmental problems, such as noise, soot, fuel consumption, etc. These are the problems we need to solve.

Second, the national forest maintenance work will be widely used in various garden machinery

With the development of productivity, the shortage of labor, and the continuous improvement of standards for raising and maintaining, high-quality garden products will dominate the market. According to the current mode of maintenance operation, social requirements cannot be met, and tools and operating technologies must be used. It has improved.

Small garden machinery will become more and more popular and will completely replace manual operations. A variety of small and light garden machinery will be more and more popular, and replacing manual tools is only a matter of time, and its role will become more and more obvious. If the hedge trimmer replaces the flat shear, the oil replaces the hand, and the digging machine replaces the iron shovel. In the future, small garden machinery will become more and more light and the functions will be more perfect.

The role of multi-functional garden machinery is promising. In view of the characteristics of landscaping maintenance, the garden machinery with powerful functions, flexible operation and various work items can be used for greening, and its development prospects are gratifying.

Third, the development direction of garden machinery

In view of the current needs of garden machinery and the degree of mechanization in the future, in order to make garden machinery widely used in landscaping maintenance, garden machinery should have the following characteristics: high efficiency, energy saving, long life, full function, light weight and convenient, environmental protection. Safe, professional ergonomic design, small size, easy starter, excellent operating feel, low noise working environment, high efficiency energy saving, clean exhaust emissions, smokeless and non-irritating odor.

The application of garden machinery in landscaping conservation is closely related to energy saving. The goal is to use the same amount of oil per unit time to consume the least amount of oil. The issue of energy is always a hot topic, and the same cost issue is also of concern to everyone. Pursuing high quality and low price is the long-term demand of end users.

The service life is directly related to the maintenance cost and the update frequency. Any customer who wishes to purchase a product will last as long as possible, and cannot tolerate frequent repairs and frequent updates of parts. This requires the core components such as the engine to be of high quality. At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service directly affect the service life of the machine. Full-featured, lightweight and convenient, as the name implies, each mechanical function cannot be single. For different garden maintenance work, it is hoped that different functions can be played, such as gardening tractors, that is, cleaning vehicles, water sprays, water irrigation, drainage, etc. The multi-function brush cutter can be replaced with a high branch hedge trimmer, a high branch oil or a micro tillage machine at any time. In short, the more powerful the function and the wider the use, the greater the market demand and the better the development prospects. The mechanical weight and appearance are directly related to the daily use efficiency and convenience, easy to operate, easy to carry, and can work in complex environments, which is an inevitable trend of future industry development.

"Safety, environmental protection" is beneficial to others. On the big front, environmental issues have been widely concerned by the society, and the state has also taken measures to limit the production of non-environmental products. It can be said that the market only chooses environmentally friendly products, and customers will refuse to use non-environmental products. As for safety, it goes without saying that it is always in the first place. Without security, there is nothing.

Fourth, the considerations for the use of garden machinery

In the future garden maintenance work, the full popularity of garden machinery will become a fact, how to expand the use and improve the efficiency of use, there are the following points to note:

It is necessary to fully grasp the performance characteristics of various machines and maintain common sense. Before purchase and use, you must have a clear purpose, fully understand the performance characteristics of various machinery, select them in a targeted manner, and ensure the rationality of use. At the same time, you should obtain the maintenance knowledge of the relevant machinery and specify the maintenance method.

Conduct relevant technical training for operators. Mechanical operators must undergo professional training and study. After passing the examination, they are allowed to operate with the machine. The different machines are subject to separate assessments and periodic inspections are carried out regularly.

Develop daily maintenance plans for related machinery. It is necessary to make daily maintenance plans for all kinds of garden machinery purchased, and effectively carry out maintenance and repair work so that the mechanical energy can be effectively used for a long time without failure. The maintenance plan should be comprehensive and meticulous, and it should be implemented continuously, especially during the busy period.

There are detailed technical requirements and operating specifications. In order to ensure the normal use of the machine, it is necessary to formulate the technical requirements and operating specifications of the relevant machinery, clarify the precautions in the use process, and standardize the operation steps.

Special Note: The landscaping maintenance includes the remediation and care of the multi-faceted parks such as green space, landscape and environment. A landscape project is not bright, whether it can meet the needs of the public, design, construction, variety, management is important, but green maintenance is more critical, people often say: "three minutes, seven points." If green maintenance replica watches rolex can not In practice, it is difficult to express the true intention of the garden planner, and it also loses the value of the design. Not only is it a waste of money, but it also loses its taste. Therefore, only by implementing good maintenance can we achieve the desired greening effect, and we can give people a pleasant mood and beautiful enjoyment. Its ecological, disaster-reduction, education and other functions can be maximized, especially good conservation can improve the community's awareness of green, green, and green protection, consolidate greening achievements, stimulate enthusiasm for work and life, and love our more. community. At present, some second-rate companies that have been greened and protected have entered the market. Most of them are amateur maintenance teams based on agriculture. Without professional skills and no experience in conservation, they directly participate in maintenance work, which will cause damage to the end products. Damage to the landscape can also have irreparable consequences for endemic plants and landscape equipment.

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